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A realistic tattoo can give the illusion of a tattoo being above the skin or within the body. It can create the sense that you can touch and feel the texture of the tattoo design. A talented tattoo artist can create through ink, the realistic expression of a portrait or the feel of wind in leaves on a tree. Tattooing is a striking way to mold your body into the image that you want. Whatever your motivation, there is a wide variety of such tattoos, ranging from elaborate full body tattoo designs to more subtle permanent makeup.

At Capital City Tattoo, we can bring your custom tattoos to life. Our talented artists have the knack for art of all kinds and a steady hand to create your body art with utmost creativity. Whether you’re looking for a portrait tattoo or picture of your favorite pop culture character, Capital City Tattoo can do anything you put us up to.

Visit the Capital City Tattoo studio today in Baton Rouge, LA! Consult with one of our artists to begin your next tattoo!