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Here at Capital City Tattoo, we don’t just do tattoos, we also offer body piercings and body jewelry that will sure to satisfy your desire. Whether you want a cool industrial ear piercing or an elegant belly button piercing, we would be happy to perform the piercing for you.

Our equipment and facility are clean and well maintained which is why you can be sure that the services we offer are safe and hygienic. We take great care to ensure your body art is done correctly and cleanly. After your piercing is completed, we will advise you in proper piercing aftercare to make sure your new piercing stays clean and protected from any potential infections.

Call to make an appointment and visit our tattoo studio in Baton Rouge, LA. Here, you will find quality work and professional artists. Our work is made to last, and if you care for your tattoo or piercing properly, they will look great for a long time.