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Art is an expression of the self. Tattoos provide many people with the ultimate expression of self. Images the speak to you will be inscribed on your flesh allowing you to display your inner personality to the world around you. Capital City Tattoo specializes in helping you make this art come alive. Through the depths of your imagination and collaboration with a skilled artist, we fill in your flesh with vibrant and eye-catching images that you'll be able to love for the rest of your life.

Each tattoo artist at Capital City Tattoo is talented and each has their own specialties and favorite styles. This gives you a variety of different artistic styles to choose from that you think would best suit your tattoo. We are dedicated to helping our clients find their match within our family of passionate artists.

Tattoo Studio

There is no limitation to what our tattoo studio can do. From traditional body art to permanent makeup or even cover ups, we are up to the challenge to help you create something amazing. Whether you would like an art piece from our portfolio or you have any custom tattoos in mind, we gladly help create your masterpiece. We love client and artist collaboration and can’t wait to come up with a beautiful new design for you.

Our premier tattoo shop proudly serves our neighbors in Baton Rouge, LA come visit us today. For tats and piercings done properly, Capital City Tattoo is here for you!

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